Anal Sex: Is My Man Gay?

This by far is maybe one of the most misunderstood sexual practices by heterosexuals because of various reasons. The #1 question I hear from women about anal sex is: If my man wants to have anal sex with me, does this mean he’s gay? The answer is NO!

If a man is gay, he has a sexual and/or romantic interest in the same-sex, not a fascination with your ass & penetrating it. That’s totally a overexaggerated rationale for why a guy may want to have anal sex with his female partner. Let’s keep it real. For many anal sex is different and primitive… that is the appeal of it.

The female & male anatomy are alike in many ways but fundamentally different. Can we be frank here for a moment? Okay…. Good!

When a man penetrates a woman from behind, her body is in no way comparative to the body structure of a man. Men have larger waist to hip ratios and have more muscle mass than women. Women have a larger hip to waist ratio, less muscle mass and higher body fat. Not only that but I’m positive that a female won’t have any testicles hitting his when he’s penetrating her at a fast pace and rough. *Sorry for the visual in advance*


Oh and FYI 25% of heterosexuals have had anal sex & 10% do it often.

3 Responses to “Anal Sex: Is My Man Gay?”
  1. @IamShania says:

    Personally I do not like anal sex because regardless if one is in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship anal sex is very very dangerous to women. Women need to be very educated and informed about the dangers of engaging in anal sex. Farrah Fawcett died from it. Google the cause of anal cancer. There is always feces at the tip of one’s ass. Skin tears more easily in and around the rectum causing there to be a mixture of blood, feces, and semen. Just say no 2 anal sex.

    • Thanks for the comment to this post. Anal sex is a personal choice for those who choose to engage in it & I totally agree that to be informed is to be empowered before doing anything in life- not just sexual acts. With that said with any sexual act there are risks, whether high or low doesn’t matter. If people choose to have anal sex the proper precautions should be taken and they definitely should know the pros and cons. Don’t worry… I’ll post a article about it! lol

      Peace Passion & Pleasure!

  2. :-) says:

    I enjoy anal sex very much. I actually had to talk my man into doing it on me. A lot of guys have a fear of hurting themselves or their mate. Not to mention sit in any barber shop and you’ll hear at least 1 horror story of something disgusting happening while someone’s friends, friends, cousins, brother was doing it one time. Like any sexual position it’s not for everyone and it needs to be eased into. If done right it can offer a great sexual experience and the bond that’s formed form the trust you place in your man’s hands is irreversible.

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